Addenbrooke’s Hospital Carpet Cleaning Cambridge

Carpet Cleaning at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge.

Process of cleaning

1. We Extensively pre-vacuum the area, furniture or mattress with our special vacuum system with combines the dry dirt with a liquid spray internally to ensure it is no longer airborne and wont re-soil.
2. We move furniture as agreed in the first visit with sliders and protect as required
3. We spot and pre-spray with our 100% natural solution, focusing on walkways, heavy traffic areas, and pet and food spots
4. We use state-of-the-art water extraction equipment to remove spots and dirt from the fibre. Our cleaning solution is safe, non toxic, fragrance-free and has been developed for use by the chemically sensitive
5. We fresh water rinse to prolong carpet life by eliminating residues that will attract dirt and breed micro-organisms
6. If necessary and depending on the absorbency of the fabric cleaned, we will use turbo drying equipment to speed up the drying process

Carpet Cleaning Cambridge

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