Victorian Tile restoration in St Neots, Cambridge

Victorian Tile Restoration in st Neots, Cambridge.

We was called out to take a look at this Victorian Tiled Hallway to see what could be done to repair the damage from a company having to remove a section of flooring for pipe work.

Fortunately this is one of our specialties here at TMC Specialist Cleaning Ltd.

It is impossible to guarantee an 100% colour match for new to old tiles but we do our best to match them in as best possible.

Once we have chosen our replacement tiles, we begin carefully removing the cement and rubble, followed by tidying up all the edges of the older tiles ready for tiling.

On this job we had fill the void with a self levelling compound to level the area ready for laying out new tiles.

Once dried the border work is completed first and left to set followed by filling in of the original pattern, finally the area is grouted.

We finish the job by giving the whole Hallway a deep clean (to remove any previous sealers) and an acid wash to remove any grout haze left behind.

Once dried we are able to apply one coat of Tile Doctor colour grow impregnating sealer (to deepen the colour of the original tiles) followed by multiple coats of topical sealer.

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