Limestone Restoration, Hone and Seal in Steeple Morden, Royston

We was called out to this beautiful Limestone Flooring throughout a property in Steeple Morden, Royston. The Floor had become tired looking and heavily engrain with dirt due to age and incorrect cleaning agent being used.

We were able to restore the stone and give back its lustre. For daily/weekly cleaning, we suggest using a neutral tile cleaner, this is safe to use on all calcium stones like Limestone, Travertine Marble etc…

Limestone living room Deep clean, Hone and Seal
Limestone living room Deep clean, Hone and Seal

Process of Cleaning.

  1. We inspect your floor on our arrival, Why? To identify any possible problem areas i.e staining, loose or missing grout and surrounding surfaces sensitive to cleaning solutions and any other areas that need consideration before cleaning commences.
  2. We Protect your walls and furniture with our décor wall protector tape, this is used to protect your walls against any over spray from water or chemical. We do how ever can not guarantee there wont be any slight damage to paint work or any sensitive materials in the immediate area of cleaning due to the need to clean right up to the edge.
  3. Once your walls and furniture are protected, we will commence with Dry Soil & Sealant Removal. This is the removal of any dry soil/ground in dirt & any previous sealers on the surface of the tile. This is achieved by using our very own chemical from Tile Doctor. It is applied using a pump spray. All Dirt and Chemicals are then extracted and stored on our van using a our high pressured hot water extraction machine which is truck mounted. This allows us to give your floors a deep penetrating clean. All the waste chemical slurry and dirt are collected & stored in the vans waste tank.
  4. Honing, Once the Limestone has had a deep clean, we begin with honing the surface of the tile. We hone the Limestone to remove any defects from spillages or scratches as well as tightening the surface tension of the stone making the surface smooth and less porous. This is achieved by using a rotary machine with Diamond Encrusted pads from Tile Doctor which consist of 4 different grit pads.
  5. Rinse, At each stage of Honing the Stone is Rinsed of any chemical and Stone Slurry, Ready for the next stage of Honing.
  6. After we have completed the final cleaning stage, we will dry the area of any free standing water and place air movers to speed dry the stone before sealing commences
  7. Application of Sealer. We used Tile Doctor Ultra-Seal for this particular tile, it is a Solvent Based Impregnating Sealer which dries neutral. Once the sealer has dried efficiently any excess residue is then buff or with a fine pad.
Limestone dining room Deep Clean, Hone and Seal
Limestone dining room Deep Clean, Hone and Seal

Limestone kitchen/dining room Deep Clean, Hone and Seal
Limestone kitchen/dining room Deep Clean, Hone and Seal

Pine Floor boards restoration, Newmarket, Suffolk.

Dustless Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing Newmarket, Suffolk.

Upon completing a Victorian Tile hallway restoration for our client, They wanted us to take a look at some Wooden floor boards under the carpet in their living room.

Once the carpet was pulled back we discovered these Pine Floor boards in relatively good condition so we scheduled another date for restoration.

On our return we began removing the carpet and carpet grippers, a couple boards needed replacing due to damaged from maintenance. Finally we remove all surface staples and hammer any surface nails deeper.

We are they ready for sanding.

Using the latest dustless sanding equipment (Hummel belt sander) we are able to cut back the timber to a flat surface and even finish (removing all uneven areas due to warping) once levelled we finish with a finishing sander (Bona flexisand) and edger to give a smooth surface.

Our client decided they would like the floor stained and lacquered, we used Loba products on this particular job. Once the client had decided on their preferred colour we were able to commence the sealing process.

Once the Loba Prostain had dried efficiently, we finished the job with Loba 2k lacquer.

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Brick Floor Hallway Renovation in Godmanchester, Huntingdon

After recently purchasing their new home our clients unearthed a beautiful brick flooring in their hallway which had been covered in adhesive/screed and carpet for at least 45years.

Upon coming across us on Tile Doctor website (TMC Specialist Cleaning Ltd are an affiliate of Tile Doctor serving the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough areas) and seeing some of our previous case studies, she got in contact to organise a free quotation which we were more then happy to oblige to.

Upon arriving at the property we could instantly see this was going to take some work but definitely an achievable target.

We began by removing the screed using a needle gun and scraper as well as removing the adhesive with scraper, once we completed this task (1days work) we were able to get our hands on the stones surface for cleaning and sealing.

From this stage we began the cleaning process with an acid wash and further use of the needle gun for small areas missed. TMC Specialist Cleaning Ltd use a truck-mounted hot water extraction machine to penetrate deep into the stone and grout lines with minimal mess. Once happy there is no screed/grout haze left, we can begin with the stripping of the floor removing any previous sealer that may be left and all the ground in dirt/adhesive that may have adhered to the surface.

Once extracted with the truck mounted machine the floor is left to dry efficiently before sealing.

Once dried efficiently, we added multiple coats of impregnating sealer (Tile Doctor Colour Grow) to enhance the colours and protect the brick floor from within.

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Victorian Tile Restoration, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Victorian tile Restoration

This particular small job was for a client who had recently had their Terra-Cotta Kitchen Cleaned and Sealed. Once finish and elated with the final outcome, we were asked if there was anything we could do with their small Victorian Tiled porch.

These types of repairs are a specialty here at TMC Specialist Cleaning Ltd and one we couldn’t wait to get our hands on.

Once we removed the loose tiles (ended up just under half the flooring) we were able to relay the original tiles and some reclaimed ones for missing sections.

It is always best to replace these types of tile with original or reclaimed ones to help keep a more authentic look, however if this is not capable due to lack of replacement tiles there is a great collection of compressed ceramic tiles which can help blend these in. Previous work history Victo

Once the tiles have set, we can commence cleaning to remove all previous sealer and dirt deep with in the tiles as well as an acid wash to remove any grout haze left on the tiles surface.

After the stone has dried efficiently we like to add an impregnating sealer (Tile Doctor Colour Grow) to enhance the stones colours.

Followed by multiple coats of topical sealer (Tile Doctor Seal & Go) this will give you the surface protection as well as an even mid sheen across the surface.

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Victorian Tile restoration in St Neots, Cambridge

Victorian Tile Restoration in st Neots, Cambridge.

We was called out to take a look at this Victorian Tiled Hallway to see what could be done to repair the damage from a company having to remove a section of flooring for pipe work.

Fortunately this is one of our specialties here at TMC Specialist Cleaning Ltd.

It is impossible to guarantee an 100% colour match for new to old tiles but we do our best to match them in as best possible.

Once we have chosen our replacement tiles, we begin carefully removing the cement and rubble, followed by tidying up all the edges of the older tiles ready for tiling.

On this job we had fill the void with a self levelling compound to level the area ready for laying out new tiles.

Once dried the border work is completed first and left to set followed by filling in of the original pattern, finally the area is grouted.

We finish the job by giving the whole Hallway a deep clean (to remove any previous sealers) and an acid wash to remove any grout haze left behind.

Once dried we are able to apply one coat of Tile Doctor colour grow impregnating sealer (to deepen the colour of the original tiles) followed by multiple coats of topical sealer.

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