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Quarry Tile Cleaning Gambling Gay, Cambridge

Quarry Tile Cleaning in Gambling Gay, Cambridge

We was call our to a newly acquired building to have a look at their Quarry Tiled hallway and Brick Living Room.

With the Quarry Tile it had been left in a poor state and with the property being derelict for a number of years damp issues had occurred, causing the natural salts in the stone to come through.

Once the property had been heated up and left for a couple weeks, we were able to test the stone for moisture (to apply a impregnating (solvent based) or topical sealer (water based) you need to have a certain moisture level to allow it to set properly) the moisture levels were efficient enough to apply our Topical Sealer once restored.

The Quarry Tiled Hallway was then deep clean using Remove & Go from Tile Doctor, This chemical removes all ground in dirt and grime as well as removing all previous sealers applied to the Stone.

With the Quarry Tile completely stripped back and left to dry efficiently, we are able to apply multiple coats of Topical Sealer (water based) to the desired look for our client.

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Quarry Tile Hallway Cleaning Gambling Gay, Cambridge

Quarry Tile Hallway Sealing Gambling Gay, Cambridge

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