Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

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For high quality cleaning of Fabric Upholstery the technician will follow these steps:
Pre-Inspection: The technician will go over all of the pieces to be cleaned with you to find out any of your concerns. They will then perform some special tests to ascertain the type of fabric you have as well as the soil content of the fabric.
Area Preparation: The technician will then prepare the area your upholstery occupies and will also protect the surrounding areas.
Power Vacuum: All textiles must be professionally vacuumed before cleaning. This step will remove dry surface soils and loosen any stubborn soils from cracks and crevices.
Pre-Spot: Any potentially stubborn spots will require special treatment from the technician.
Pre-Treat: Depending on your type of fabric, a designated cleaning solution made specifically for your fabric type will be applied.
Pre-Groom: The fabric will then be delicately brushed to loosen the soils
Soil Extraction & Rinse: The soils are then extracted from the fabrics with a professional, gentle, and controlled rinse.
Neutralize: The fabrics are then pH balanced for a softer fresh feeling.
Post Spot: The Technician will then treat any remaining spots with fabric specific stain removal products.
Post Groom: Fabrics with a pile, like velvet, will be delicately groomed with a special fabric brush.
Speed Dry: High velocity air movers will be placed around your furniture to promote a faster drying process.
Post Cleaning Inspection: The technician will then look at your furniture one more time to ensure that all of your concerns have been taken care of.
Other services offered for Upholstery:
Upholstery Protector
Protect you investment
Some of the most costly investments in your home are your carpets and upholstery, that’s one of many reasons why we recommend you protect them with Fibrerite. Fibrerite protects from oil and water based spills such as coffee, colas, oil, polish, also from common grit and grime that soils, dirts and dulls their colour and appearance.

Why is Fibrerite better?
Most Fibre protectors are either Silicone or Fluoro-chemical, each having its own abilities. Fibrerite protector is based on a newly developed chemical technology and is a U.V. stable advanced polymer chemical that combines the advantages of both. It gives better protection than water based Fluoro-Chemicals because it coats the entire fibre with a superior protective coating without any odour and unlike silicones it repels against oil, dirt and grime. Because Fibrerite is U.V. Stable its effectiveness will not be diminished by U.V. rays such as sunlight.

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