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Terracotta and Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning


The word Terracotta means ‘baked clay’ which describes just what the terracotta tiles are. Terracotta tiles can be glazed or unglazed; a glazed tile will be more stain resistant than an unglazed tile. Terracotta tiles need to be sealed as they are porous, and will therefore absorb water and oil, thus causing stains. Terracotta will need to be sealed after the cleaning process.

Call us today on 01954 211752 if you require Terracotta or Quarry floor cleaning in any of the following areas & surrounding villages, Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely, Royston, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Saffron Walden.

Process of Cleaning

  1. We inspect your floor on our arrival, Why? To identify any possible problem areas i.e staining, loose of lose grout and surrounding surfaces sensitive to cleaning solutions and any other areas that need consideration before cleaning commences.
  2. We Protect your walls and furniture with our décor wall protector tape, this is used to protect your walls against any over spray from water or chemical. We do how ever can not guarantee there wont be any slight damage to paint work or any sensitive materials in the immediate area of cleaning due to the need to clean right up to the edge.
  3. Once your walls and furniture are protected, we will commence with Dry Soil & Sealant Removal. This is the removal of any dry soil/dirt & any previous sealers on the surface of the tile. This is achieved by using our very own chemical from Tile Doctor. It is applied using a pump spray.
  4. Agitation, with our cleaning solution applied to the tile, We use a rotary machine with a stiff brush attached, or by hand round tight corners.
  5. Rinse, We use a Truck mounted hot water extraction machine with a high pressurised cleaning tool. This allows us to give your floors a deep penetrating clean. All the waste chemical slurry and dirt are collected & stored in the vans waste tank.
  6. After we have completed the final cleaning stage, we will dry the area of any free standing water and place a air mover to speed dry the stone before sealing commences. Please note some stone with high porosity.
  7. Application of Sealers, Multiple coats of our impregnating sealer are applied.

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